I created this blog to share my love and express my creativity side.
It also helps to keep the track of my different looks and techniques as the days go by.

I am by no means a professional or an expert in this field and I have not
had a formal training/studies majoring in this field. Everything I learned
came from reading blog, following beauty forums, joining beauty community,
watching vlog and also do some basic trials-and-errors.

This blog also allows me to share information, swatches, and personal
interest and experiences with various products of my preferences. All of
the contents of this blog come from my experiences which also involve my
skin type, skin tone, preferences, lifestyle, diets, genetics, etc.

All products I use in this blog have been simply purchased and chosed by
my own preferences. There are no sponsorship posts, unless it is otherwise
stated. I’ll try as best as I can to give my personal and honest review on
any products I mentioned, used and reviewed in this blog.

I do accept compensation for product reviews and placement, but THIS WILL
or/and any other aspects that may be involved (just because the products
is freely given, doesn’t mean it’s good for or on me). I strive for
transparency and honesty of my opinions and it can not be requested/demanded
by the company/supplier/manufacturer for the product under my review.

I do accept products from companies for review because I believe that it
will broaden the horizon and will help to set or see the big picture.

The products’ pictures taken for this blog is simply mine (I bought the
products and took pictures of them), unless otherwise stated and will be
mentioned and linked to the original source and I am free by any demand
related to copyright issue which is related to picture placing on my blog.

This disclaimer is subject to change without notice.