Indonesian, proud, hijabi, NC 30-35 (according to MAC skintone color chart), and medium to tan with combination skin. 165cm height and love eating, hanging out, and travelling. Currently have 6 BFFs and they are to die for.

I, maybe, am a hard-headed or a lil bit of mind-blower. But trust me that I am extremely weak and almost-die person if what I have to face is a spider or/and a huge field of water. Yesss, I am living with this arachnophobia and hydrophobia. But it’s fine since I’m not living in the forest nor near the sea. Moreover if it’s Irsan Widyawan stays beside me, as my husband.. I, now, am addicted to what trend goes on about Korean Drama, and finally put Korea as the third place after Makkah and New York to be the most visited places I have to go to someday. XOXO.

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