Hi everyone,

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This Monday, and we’re at the end of this September, I’ll announce to you that I am no longer post in this blog. In the past couple weeks until now, I have been working out my new blog which is hosted at another local hosting, so it will be ready by the beginning of the month.

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So much fun that I’ve been doing with Revenian at wordpress.com but simply because I want a better, a good looking and a more professional blog since I intend to make my blog to a better level which I need more customizable things to do.

Aside from leaving Revenian at wordpress behind, I also decided to re-brand my blog name. I think it might be better to do some personal touch to the name given. So, now you know why I didn’t renew my domain contract with wordpress.com and some of you might encounter some accessing problem to my Revenian here at worpress.com.

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But, don’t worry that much. I came up to this conclusion simply because I love writing, I love all my readers, I love all my followers and I love all about beauty that I need a more space to keep me writing freely. I keep beauty blogging and that is the most thing that will remain on me.

By October 1st, I will announce here as well as my new blog name and I’ll let you visit it. Well, I’m freaking nervous right now considering the new place that I will put my writing on. Hehehe. don’t think it’s too much, pals!

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I will keep all the previous posts in Revenian at wordpress to my new blog, so it will be so seamless. You will never feel that you visit the new Revenian then. Moreover, those posts are my footage to my blogging world.

At last but not least, please keep supporting me one way or another. I know this decision is never easy because it means that I have to start fresh from the scratch and leave my followers behind after a year blogging at wordpress.com

So, until then, see you around by October 1st 2014.


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