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Hello Guys,

Thanks for visiting me here. I’m so happy that you still consider this blog as your reference and preference. But, unfortunately, since I’m no longer post in this blog, you can visit me in here:


Once again, a Thank You doesn’t enough to show my excitement during blogging in here simply because I’m writing for you, my readers..! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Revenian now is Fiarevenian


Hi everyone,

GoodBye 3
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This Monday, and we’re at the end of this September, I’ll announce to you that I am no longer post in this blog. In the past couple weeks until now, I have been working out my new blog which is hosted at another local hosting, so it will be ready by the beginning of the month.
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Hai semuanya. ada cewe cantik lagi ngadain make up challenge nih sebagai bentuk giveaway terhadap ulang tahunnya dan 1 tahun berdiri blognya itu. Sapa ssiiiihhh nama cewenyaaaa? Nih, namanya Shanty Huang, beauty blogger yang berasal dari Tarakan, Kalimantan. Berhubung aku tertarik buat ikutan karena selalu punya nasib sama di bidang kontes-kontesan blog (ga pernah menang, hahaha) jadi inilah hasil dari make up look yang aku buat untuk Shanty Huang’s Birthday & 1st Anniversary Blog Make Up Challenge. Untuk full descriptionnya kamu bisa kok klik di sini. Pssst, hadiahnya keren-keren lhooo! View full article »